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By: Janet L. Hall

Paperback Release Date Scheduled for 2011 

What Youíll Find in This Book

Just like with any 12 step program, donít throw out the entire book because you find one part that doesnít match up with your life. The goal is to identify with the essence of what is being talked about. Keep what works for you or what resonates with you and discard the rest.

This book contains 12 chapters. Each chapter corresponds with one step in the program to help you get and stay sober from clutter. What can you expect in each chapter? For each step, Iíve included a brief description of what the step covers. Iíve included quotes that others have found helpful to keep each step in mind while theyíre working that step. Youíll find actions to take in the Whatís Mine to Do Now sections. Iíve also included Permission Slips that give you permission to make the changes youíve been yearning to make. In the Letís Look At sections, youíll find motivating stories to help you relate to others. The Discovery and Journaling sections will give you an opportunity to reflect on your own situation and how you can apply the step to your life today, to create positive, powerful change. And throughout the chapter, Iíll be discussing strategies and tips and techniques that Iíve shared with thousands of people just like you. What I share in these Working Your Step sections has made a profound difference in their lives. I know they will do the same for you. 

One day at a time, you can overcome your clutter problem. You can get and stay sober, starting today.

Prepare Yourself to Truly Rise to Your Full Potential

You will be doing amazing things throughout this book Ė things you thought you could never do before, habits you thought could never be changed, fears and beliefs you thought you could never face. Make no mistake: with strength and prayer you will be able to do whatever it takes to get Sober From Clutter!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Recognizing your clutter problem
Chapter 2: Uncovering your current beliefs about clutter
Chapter 3: Facing your fears
Chapter 4: Getting real about your current clutter
Chapter 5: Finding the courage to get and stay sober from clutter
Chapter 6: Living on purpose (rather than on accident)
Chapter 7: Creating your personal clutter sobriety game plan
Chapter 8: Staying positively present
Chapter 9: Connecting to your spaces
Chapter 10: Evaluating what you allow into your life
Chapter 11: Giving yourself permission to love yourself and love your life
Chapter 12: Maintaining your sobriety with gratitude and awareness

Pre-Sales Ė 10% Off: Order Your Copy Today! 

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